Sidewalk Shed & Scaffolding in NYC

Sidewalk Shed & Pipe Scaffolding – Why are They Everywhere?

You can walk just about anywhere in the streets of NYC and find sidewalk sheds and/or pipe scaffolding everywhere you look. Why is that?

In a city like NYC with tall buildings, it comes with the territory. Yes, they make navigating the streets of NYC a little more complicated and they may hide a business’s façade for a while, but they have a purpose and that purpose is safety.

Sidewalk Sheds in NYC

A sidewalk shed, as the name suggests, protects the sidewalk. As we work on tall buildings, gravity wins. Debris falls and that could put pedestrians at risk of injury or worse. The sidewalk shed puts a ‘roof’ over the pedestrian’s heads as they walk through the streets of NYC. Don’t worry, the Department of Buildings regulates sidewalk sheds. They determine the maximum height and any requirements, such as lighting, material, and spacing. We follow all NYC rules to the letter, ensuring the safety of anyone traveling around your business.

When applying for a permit in NYC, a licensed engineer or architect will file for the sidewalk shed. The plans show how we will set up the sidewalk shed, how much weight it can hold, and that it meets the specific requirements for the area.

Pipe Scaffolding in NYC

Another common sight in the streets of NYC is pipe scaffolding. This is the platform we work on when renovating a building’s exterior in NYC. You may find us suspended from a roof or another stable part of the building. You may also see us on a pipe scaffold that’s built from the ground, which is most common during new construction.

It sounds scary to have contractors ‘swinging’ from your building, but it’s perfectly safe when you use licensed riggers like us. We work closely with the DOB to ensure that our use of hooks and support meet the city’s requirements and are of the utmost safety. We always obtain proper permits before starting any work on your building with pipe scaffolding.

Other Uses for Sidewalk Sheds

Did you know that sometimes the N.Y.C regulations requires a sidewalk shed to be put up even when work isn’t being done? If your building’s façade is questionable, it may be a requirement. This is to protect the passerby from injury should debris fall from your building.

When do you Need a Sidewalk Shed?

You may wonder if your building’s work will require the use of a sidewalk shed. Here are the general rules:

  • Masonry work almost always requires a shed
  • Demolition work almost always requires a shed
  • Caulking may not require it (but you can)
  • Inspections may not require it

In our opinion, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. At Ameri Restoration Inc, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet all requirements for building and renovations, so that you can rest assured that your construction will meet all safety codes and comply with NYC building laws. Use only the professionals that have your best interests in mind and you’ll get the job done right.