Why you need a Quality General Contractor

Why You Need a Quality General Contractor for Private or Business all sizes.

Restaurants are a unique business with unique construction needs. Hiring just any old contractor could leave you with a less than optimal layout and the possibility of not passing the municipalities codes. Commercial kitchens have greater needs when it comes to water and gas lines, not to mention the complexity of laying the concrete as it’s the framework for the entire building.

Dealing with Inspections

The right construction contractor will understand the complexity of the inspections your building will undergo. Without proper experience, you put your restaurant at risk. Knowing what inspectors in the NYC or Westchester County, Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island area need and/or will want help offset potential issues before the inspector looks at your building. The right contractor knows the stages inspectors will come out (underground, pre-pour, mechanical lines, water flow, etc.) and be prepared for them. 

Understanding The Design For Renovation or Building

Restaurants have unique designs, and more importantly the building projects are even more complicated. There is the front-of-house and back-of-house. The back-of-house holds the kitchen and all of the intricate water and gas lines. The front-of-house is where you entertain your guests. The front-of-house may also include a bar with even more intricate needs for water and power lines. Don’t forget about the intricate furniture designs, flooring, and lighting. It’s a lot to configure, which means you need a licensed and insured general contractor with extensive experience in restaurant construction in NYC.

Timing is Everything

We know you’re on a tight schedule and that finances are of utmost importance. We work on a strict schedule, adhering to all dates we provided you upfront. Using general contractors in NYC that are familiar with restaurant build-outs what they require and the problems you can run into helps limit the time needed to build out the restaurant without falling prey to complexities. We have a tight crew and connections to qualified subcontractors that get the job done right the first time to avoid unnecessary delays.

Look at Past Projects

If we have one piece of advice for you, it’s to check out a company’s past projects. Are most of the past projects residential? If so, they aren’t the best fit for your construction needs. You want a contractor in NY that has the experience with the type of restaurant, residential or commercial property, you’re building or renovating. Fast food restaurants and dine-in restaurants have different needs and skills required. Our property management buildings have their own needs that need to be handled in a different manner. Hone in on what you need and find a contractor with that type of experience who also has Proper Licensing and Insurance.

Of course, don’t hire a restaurant contractor that doesn’t carry proper licensing and insurance. A contractor should readily show you their credentials and provide references upon request. They should also offer free estimates, giving you time to compare your options and decide which contractor is right for your job.

A quality general contractor like Ameri Restoration Inc, for restaurant or building construction makes the difference between a successful restaurant build-out and one that’s filled with delays and frustrations. Let us help you with your restaurant construction needs in NYC. Whether you are starting from scratch or renovating an existing building, we have the skills and manpower to make it a success.