Public Work Projects

One of the trusted general contracting company in the heart of New York.

We maintain optimized structure of our company first to make sure not only do we meet all the requirements, to begin bidding on public projects. We analyze projects from all aspects by picking perfect sized project for our capacity so we don’t outbid ourselves in loss, like the other general contracting companies.

Ameri Restoration Inc, sets a new goal every year by taking single or multiple projects which are varied based on size, length of projects, and our dedication from Public to Private construction is always on the best output. Our company has executed projects over $10 Million while operating as a large vendor for private managements at the same time with daily day to day need and we cater to our clients even if our owners have to step on the field.


We Prepare, Solicit, Manage, & Level Bids of Subcontractors

Ameri Restoration Inc, begins with Preparing, Solicit, Manage, and Level Bids of Subcontractors to ensure that every subcontractor understands the scope of work, that enough qualified subcontractors will bid the project to represent best value, and that bids are appropriately compared.


Ameri Prepares & Administer Subcontracts

Prepare and Administer Subcontracts and purchase orders with prudent review.


We Hold Pre-construction Conference

We hold Pre-construction Conference with all project subcontractors, self-performing crews, and supervisory staff before beginning work. During the pre-construction conference, all parties will fully verify and buy-in on the project schedule, logistics plan, site organization, site safety, and other site-specific issues.


Our Supervision

Supervision for the site coordination, safety, and quality of work. We also install surveillance as needed to assure our company operations are not misrepresented.


Maintaining Construction Records

Construction Records are maintained throughout the project. The construction records will entail daily reports of work performed, individuals and equipment onsite or any defective material or work that needs to be addressed. The complete logs of dailies, safety reports, logs, files are digitized, maintained at the project field office, updated with any revisions, correspondence, contract amendments, reports, and more.


Construction Work Scheduling

Construction Operation Scheduling is performed before the project begins of-course and is maintained, updated throughout the construction process. The construction work schedule is used for planning and communication for numerous parties during the construction phase.


Long-Lead Item Procurement

Long-Lead Item Procurement goes hand-in-hand with project scheduling. In order to avoid delaying the project schedule, the pre-construction team will have already identified items that may take a significant amount of time to procure. The procurement of the items may even get contracted before the construction work begins to ensure that they arrive at the designated time.


Intent Of Coordination Meetings

Weekly Coordination Meetings will be held between Ameri Restoration Inc, and the relevant subcontractors to coordinate upcoming work, resolve any issues that arises from work already installed, we verify safety practices and confirm schedule buy-in.


Reason Of Meeting Progress

Progress Meetings are held between Ameri Restoration Inc, the owner’s, design consultants and when appropriate, relevant subcontractors. The purpose of these meetings is to review progress, scheduling, and any group-specific talking points.


Project Safety Exercised

Project Safety will be managed and is under the responsibility of Ameri Restoration Inc. Our internal safety program ensures that the project upholds all requirements by both NYS & FED-OSHA.


The Punch-list

The Punch-list items, or material needing correction before being delivered to the owner, will be managed by Ameri Restoration Inc. Ameri Restoration provides all subcontractors weekly punch-list updates as their work gets reviewed by our site superintendent and quality control officer. Our internal software allows for all punch-list items to be digitized and recorded in real-time with corresponding photos tagged to the appropriate, responsible parties. Our internal quality control process ensures that even the smallest details are completed to the highest-caliber.